Mysig Candle
Mysig Candle

Mysig Candle

Dhs. 380.00

Aptly named Mysig, meaning cosy in Swedish, our soy wax candle pot beautifully sets the tone for a calming, comforting space. Its wonderfully eye-catching shape and stone-like texture mirror the natural contours of extravagant rock formations. An uplifting treat for the senses, it emits warming, masculine notes of frankincense, rain, and wood. And with 30 hours of burning time to be enjoyed, it really is the epitome of peace and serenity. The perfect accompaniment for a cosy day in and, once burned, is a cherished vessel for your little treasures.

Scent: Top notes of lemon peel, pear, eucalyptus and pine mixed subtly with notes of frankincense, wisteria, jasmine, clove, over a vanilla, cedar wood base note, to create a refreshing yet calming blend.

Ingredients: 100% pure soy wax 

30 hour burn time 

Net weight: 300 ml / 10 oz  

Size: 20 cm  x 7 cm

Material: Stoneware grog

The candle wax is made out of 100% organic soy wax, suitable for vegans. 

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